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Nick Bauman DMD Louisville KYDr. Bauman prides himself on providing minimally invasive procedures to his patients that are battling periodontal disease, gum recession, and those that have lost teeth. Having advanced training in laser periodontal therapy and treatment (LANAP) enables Dr. Bauman to provide minimally invasive, cutting edge treatment of gum disease for his patients. He has received his laser periodontal therapy license which allows him to use the only FDA approved laser for the treatment of periodontal disease. While there are many types of lasers in the dental community, this particular laser is the only FDA approved laser for periodontal disease treatment and only those licensed can utilize this form of treatment for their patients.

In the treatment of gum recession, Dr. Bauman is the first periodontist in Kentucky to receive training for the patented Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique. This type of treatment for gum recession is also minimally invasive in that it requires no incisions or sutures.

Dr. Bauman utilizes computer-guided images to facilitate dental implant placement. After obtaining a 3D image of the proposed implant site, an implant planning software is utilized to virtually place the implant(s) in the most ideal location. A computer generated surgical guide is produced per the virtual and verified plan. This guide is used during the surgical implant placement to duplicate the computer model.

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