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Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

When the smile appears gummy or when teeth appear too “short” as a result of excess gum tissue, aesthetic crown lengthening is a useful procedure. By sculpting the gums to make the teeth appear longer, a more proportionate and cosmetically pleasing smile is created. Aesthetic crown lengthening can completely transform your smile. View Before & After photos »

Biologic Shaping

Biologic shaping is an advanced dental technique, sometimes performed as an alternative to a traditional crown lengthening. The procedure reshapes an existing tooth surface in order to create room for dental restoration. Biologic shaping is performed when a patient has an insufficient amount of healthy exposed tooth structure, making the placement of a dental crown on a weakened or decayed tooth difficult. Performed under anesthesia, biologic shaping usually takes an hour or so to complete, depending on the number of teeth being treated.

While traditional crown lengthening procedures involve the removal of bone to expose more of the tooth surface, biologic shaping focuses on preserving bone. This bone is altered to be more adaptable to the newly recontoured teeth. Once the bone and teeth have been reshaped, the gum tissues are secured with dissolving sutures and a temporary dental crown is placed. The temporary crown will remain in the mouth for about three to four months to ensure proper gum healing before the permanent dental crowns are placed.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening, also known as crown exposure, is a surgical procedure performed when there is not enough exposed tooth structure to restore a tooth properly. This procedure removes gum tissue and/or bone to expose more of the tooth, allowing the restoration to be placed.

Crown lengthening is often performed after a tooth breaks off at the gum line, or a crown or filling is removed and the tooth underneath is significantly decayed. An adequate amount of healthy tooth structure is needed in order to properly perform a restoration.

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